For the Birds – Tutoring a college science paper

javan-green-magpie-x--18926A college student of mine has an assignment: summarize an article form the New York Times Science section for extra credit. Hurray for the tutor learning some new things!

Have fun clicking for pictures.

Birds in Jakarta are a  popular pet, considered good luck for many and a status symbol for the wealthy who have hard-to-acquire pets.  Jakarta has many bird markets, and one is the largest in Asia, possibly the largest in the world.

Traffic, a wildlife trade monitoring group, found mor htan 19,000 birds representing more than 200  species. Some birds on the market are near extinction, such as the Bali myna and the black winged myna. Some species have fewer than 100 living birds left. Some birds sold on the market are extinct in the wild.

Unfortunately, some birds which were traded in the 1990s are no longer traded, and no longer found in the wild. The The Javan green magpie and the Nias hill myna were status symbols, now they are extinct.  Not exactly a good-luck charm for the birds!

There are protective laws, not enforced. However, in the 1990s, the Indonesian government started to protect leopards, orangutans, and pangolins – and they are now sold in much fewer numbers, and only on the black market.

But where is Jakarta, Indonesia? Below the Equator on the Indian Ocean. Northwest of Australia, Southwest of the Philippine Islands, Southeast of Sri Lanka.

where is indonesia

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