Tutor on Essays – Midterms are coming!

Essay circleMy college student has trouble starting off her essays. Once she gets to the body, she can sling the facts and serve up the reasons, but starting? Shudder, shiver, shake! Beginnings are no good.

Essays show up in Literature and in History, both of which are Regents subjects in NY. It’s important to write a good introduction, or the person grading your paper will  have a negative first impression of your paper – not what you’re aiming for!

A good introductory paragraph starts with general material, gets a little more specific, and then gives a detailed look at what the essay will be about. For assigned papers, the introduction will include the assigned topic – but not word-for-word.

Midterms are coming. There will be an essay, and a time limit.

Since the teacher said one of the choices would be a cause and effect essay, I directed my student to this cause and effect essay topics site, and we practiced. And practiced.

Two samples:

  • Living with pets improves their owners’ health.
Many people have pets just for fun.  Other people, though, have pets to improve their own health. Some reasons that a types of pet that benefit to their owners are seeing eye dogs, anti-anxiety pets, and even the anti-obesity dog, who has to be walked twice a day and encourages its owner to run around on a Sunday afternoon instead of vegging out on the couch.
  • Cell phone use improves family relations.

Many articles have been written about how cell phones are turning family time into a joke. No one talks to each other face to face anymore. However, there is a good case to make that cell phones can actually improve family relationships.

Have fun writing!

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