I have an Assignment…

College and High School

I have students of various ages who know they have to do… something.

  • I have this thing to do, it’s in the school on-line Portal….

OK, let’s get online so you can do your Portal work.

  • Oh, this doesn’t seem to be what I need…

What do you mean, we haven’t even done anything.that word

  • But this doesn’t look like the right place to start…

OK, so what exactly do you have to do?

  • Ummm

For what class?

  • English I think, or history.

Can you try to remember?

  • *calls friend*
  • OK, so now I know what to do.

Yay, and we have 15 minutes left to do it. Let’s get started!



4 thoughts on “I have an Assignment…

  1. Yes, I’m getting paid… but I’m not accomplishing what I meant to.
    I always want my students to walk away from me a little smarter than when they came, and I felt so frustrated!

    And I’m sure the student walked away thinking I’m a lousy tutor and won’t want to continue 😦


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