PowerPoint to the People!

Student has to present information to the class. PowerPoint slide show!

Tutor on Oral Presentations

Collage of multi-ethnic people with various facial expressions

The main difference is that in a written paper must be completely grammatically correct, including the mechanics of writing, such as commas and quotation marks. With a speech, you’ll need to have good grammar, but you also have access to body language – you can communicate a lot with facial expressions, by moving your hands

  • Rewrite your speech for best effect, just like your written papers
  • you can communicate a lot [do a lot, express a lot, say a lot]
  • Practice your speech to remember the best words

Tutor on PowerPoint

cloud.jpgYour speech,it needs solid information and a clear flow of ideas, just like a written paper. You should have your speech printed up in full sentences & paragraphs, whereas a PowerPoint presentation shows only key-words on the screen.

But the PowerPoint!  It can make your ideas sparkle, or it can just be boring screen text.

“Transition” changes the way a new page moves onto the screen

  • They should be consistent through your slide show
  • Think of the “parallel construction” you do in a written essay

“Animation” changes the way a line or picture bounces onto the screengears.jpg

  • Your animation should be consistent through the page
    • (parallel construction AGAIN)
    • Because it’s just that useful!
  • Animations can and should be different from page to page
  • Playing with animation is a lot of fun, so make sure you have your information well organized before you start to play 🙂
  • After a line or picture moves onto the screen, you can “add animation” and it will continue to move as you speak through the rest of the page.


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