Tutoring at the Last Minute

In some stores, they start selling blaring Christmas music, selling ornaments,  and pushing gift ideas in early December. I mean November. I mean October.  Not everyone is pleased that stores start such early planning.octo-dec.jpg


When students will be writing a term paper for college, or a long paper for high school, the teacher usually lets the students know well in advance. Like, October-November-December are ALL prep-months. This paper did not sneak up and surprise you.phone

  • When a student calls a tutor two weeks before the paper is due,
    • that seems like plenty of time to start, finish, and polish the work.
  • So when can we start?
  • In 10 days.
  • What, really?
  • Yes,  really.
  • Because I’m already booked.
  • CAN’T YOU FIND AN HOUR ANYWHERE?????????????????
  • No, sorry. Booked is Booked. The Book is full.

clock calUnfortunately, other students called the week before or the month before or even three months before, and booked all the time-slots  this student really wants! Suddenly, a student with two weeks to work with a tutor suddenly has … one … appointment …  in 10 days …  and has to either start on their own or work really, really fast. Or work without a tutor at all.

So if you want to work with a tutor, plan in advance. And realize that other people are planning in advance-er.

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