Fruit of Labor?

My college student has to write a summary of a NY Science Times once a week. This is possibly the most fun I have ever had with a student’s work. The health section had an article about natural birth vs. C-section.

It seems that when the fetus exhausts itself squeezing through the birth canal, it picks up valuable exposure to bacteria, which improve the baby’s immune system.

Nurses Save LivesSurprisingly, planned C-Sections have MORE problems than both emergency C-section or vaginal birth. This is important because low-risk, planned Cs have increased from 3.3% in 1991 to 5.5% in 2001.

There are a lot of things* that happen in the last days & hours of pregnancy that don’t happen during a planned C. An emergency C is usually at the very end of a pregnancy, often but not always after labor has started.

balance-scaleThe picture in the article shows a woman’s waistline, belly button, and more skin lower down. A hand holds up a balance scale, which throws a shadow on Anonymous’s lower belly. I see what you did there, folks. Can’t show a woman’s lower hairline and offend people, but you sure can hint at it! #PlausableDeniability

*Things:  a catch-all term for processes scientists haven’t categorized yet

mamoOn the same page is a small article about False Positives at mammograms. False positives usually the result of dense breast tissue, and people with false positives have a 30% increased relative risk for cancer.

Some people just can’t win for losing.

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