Tutor on Group Projects

Group Project: Where six people say, “I did 100% of the work and no one helped me.”

grup proj
Grown Ups Hate Group Projects Too

Student did an nine-page paper on Group Projects, including

grup stats
Statistics Tell You Just How Bad It Is
  • Norm
  • Storm
  • Perform

Which is basically means,

  • figure out the rules of getting along
  • brainstorm ideas of what to do and who will do what
  • give the presentation to the class

And right after Student finished, I found this picture:

grup ded


One thought on “Tutor on Group Projects

  1. I hate group projects. HATE.
    If I can, I leave little tags on parts I worked on, my initials or something, because no other person in the group is looking at my work.
    And sometimes no one looked at ANY of the work and I did it all, so the whole projects is tagged by me, which no one noticed but the supervisor. 🙂


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