Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era by James M. McPherson

This is an interesting review of Lincoln’s changing vies during the Civil War.

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BigFatBook(tm) takes a big fat chunk of time to read, but this one is worth it.

Battle Cry of FreedomThe first several chapters cover the years leading up to secession, from social to economic to religious. The effects events Mexico, Britain, and France are not neglected.

John Brown’s Rebellion is something else I vaguely remember. The clear re-telling was much enjoyed.

For the war years, battles are given in clear detail, with maps to clarify who was where, when. [who-what-when-where-why: what & why are pretty clear without a map ;)]

Political machinations are followed on both sides. I had no idea that both sides had Generals who were so incompetent! And the back-stabbing and in-fighting lost a not insignificant number of battles. And each President desperately wanted to fire a popular General, but thought better of it.


One of the most interesting questions I wanted answered was about The Great Emancipator: Did…

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