Tutor vs. Clueless Student


Two of them.be prep bell

Two students showed up today, with the best of intentions. They had signed up to spend extra time with a tutor instead of hanging out with their X-boxes. They wanted, really wanted, to get good grades on their essays. The were investing in their education!

Only, not.

be prep.jpg

Student A had booked three hours with me. He wanted to finish a long piece of science homework. And for the first hour, he looked up his information on the online Blackboard, he flipped through on-line notes, and even called a friend, but could not find the assignment. Luckily he had taken a picture of the questions on his phone, which was kind of blurry, but he could read it to me and we could figure out what to do next.

be prep hyenas.jpg

Student B had his history essay all done, and just needed a lot of grammar/spelling help. Lots of help. It will take an hour. His essay is saved on his own computer, on the Dropbox file. And… at home the password is ‘remembered’ so that he doesn’t have to type it in each time. And now, in the computer lab with me, he can’t remember what to type. No essay. Ten minutes… Twenty minutes… Half and hour, and he finally agrees to write something new so we can work on that.


And so, students & professors & everyone, make sure you have what you need.

You are not getting these hours back.clock cal
They are gone…. for good.



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