Lefties Rule

left-sayToday Student was surprise that I was respectful of needing the mouse on the other side of the table, because “I always feel so awful about being a lefty.”  Naturally, I commented on all the people in my own family who are left handed – and what fun it is for righties and lefties to sit near each other while eating soup. “You made me spill!”  “No you made me spill!”  (At least I only reached the green sliver, not the big red pac-man circle.)

left-probIn fact, Student told me that there is a long tradition in Europe that being left handed is extremely bad luck.  While I have heard of this bias from many other Europeans, the only web article I could find about European lefty bias is a Wiki article that actually admits to being unreliable.   There is also a Quora Q&A that has 3 answers.  I also remember reading historical pieces where lefties literally had their left arm tied down so they would be forced to use the right hand to eat, write, and do everything else.  No wonder lefties were known to be clumsy.

l-r-scisThis Student, who was born in the USA, who is not only in college but already has children in school, still faces prejudice for being a lefty.  No wonder – the mouse issue that Studnet brought up is only the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds or even thousands of articles that are subtly or blatantly designed for right handed people. Once again, lefties are “just clumsy.”  Do you know how long it took before someone invented left handed scissors?  “It is most likely that scissors were invented around 1500 BC in ancient Egypt.”  There does not seem to be a source with the date for lefty scissors.


On the other hand, some places actually have positive myths about lefties.

left-brainTwo things are commonly known about the right-left brain:

  • the right side controls speech.
    • This means that forcing a left to use the right hand is means switching brain sides – and might be the reason that left-handedness was linked to stuttering
  • The right side controls the left side of the body, and the left side controls the right side of the body.



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