If at First You Don’t Succeeed…

… Write Write Again.

(and again and again and again…)


One non-native English speaker knew exactly what to say but did not have the vocabulary for it. Neither did Student’s friends, and translate.google.com was not helping much.

neravnodushniy = partial

What does partial mean?  Synonyms are

  1. incomplete, fractional
  2. favoring one side in a dispute above the other; biased
  3. having a liking for.

If the desired meaning is closest to the third translation, and its a very weak translation, then it has to change.

Rewrite To The Rescue

I told Student that as a professional writer, I often re-write a draft six times before I can even think of sending it to a magazine. As someone with a computer and word processor, Student has the option of making many changes with minimal effort.

  • So, copy and paste your bad sentence six times
  • Make small changes to your verb
  • See what you like!

This is what Student and I worked out:word-choice

  1. You are very partial to our cause
  2. You are very attached  to our cause
  3. You feel a strong connection  to our cause
  4. Your heart brings you close to our cause
  5. Your heart links you to our cause
  6. You are very partial to our cause

We didn’t even need that sixth line, five efforts was the charm!

Gentle Reader,

It is perfectly acceptable to write dumb words when you are first writing your essay.

“Essay” actually means “to attempt” and if your first attempt looks like you just vomited words onto the paper, that’s OK!


check list.jpeg

Make your nouns more specific,
power up your verbs,
and you’ll be amazed at the results.

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