Day = Night

12 hours each, that is.

March 20 = Vernal Equinox

  • Vernal = of, in, or appropriate to spring.
  • Equi = equal
  • Nox = night
  • Equinox = day equals night

Vernal Equinox means the cold is leaving, warmth is coming, and hopefully the crops will grow!  No more eating veggies from the root cellar!  Hurrah!  Throw a holiday.

Some Spring holidays:

  • Passover
  • Easter
  • Holi

daynight.jpgI love the image of the earth exactly half dark and light, instead of slanted line of dark and night.

earth tilt.jpg

At the solstice, on the other hand, the earth is at it’s strongest slant.

  • Summer solstice: longest day, shortest night
  • Winter solstice: longest night, shortest day.

Equinox vs Solstice

Equinox-Chart.jpgToday  we have computers to measure the angle of earth-to-sun and we have pre-printed calendars to let us know when Equinox will arrive, and let’s not even mention Google & Siri helping us find everything from the date to the weather.

spring equinox at stonehenge.jpg

Once upon a time people did the math by hand, figured out the calendar, and built enormous stone circles like Stonehenge to mark the calendar. On the Equinox, the sun shines directly through the archway.

Siri is definitely easier to fit into your pocket.








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