Student, did you read what you wrote?

“I got to the end of 12 pages.
I’m done writing, right?”

Students sometimes need a little help with organizing their papers. Do the words say what Student meant to say? Are all the ideas about SubTopic A near each other, or are they mixed in with SubTopics B & C?  If so, was that on purpose or because that’s how the ideas came to Student?

 Communication is key.

Dear Student,

I know your goal was to reach the end of 4 or 12 or however many pages the Professor told you to write, but really?  Your goal is a good grade, and that needs clear communication.

Time to write the 2nd draft. And the 3rd draft.

What if a sentence, or a whole paragraph, is really not relevant to the main topic? Does it have to be cut, and if so what happens to the 12 Days of X Number of Pages the Professor wants Student to write? *gasp* All 12 pages have to relevant content? Really?



  • Pride and Prejudice can talk about class, society, money, expectations, or a combination of the above, but not  your brother’s wedding, unless the Professor allows such modern interludes.
  • The Industrial Revolution or the History of John Dale Rockefeller should definitely mention Rockefeller Center, but not the samples of today’s culture showcased there-in.
    • Yes, I know that was 2 pages.  It shouldn’t have been.
    • Please insert relevant content instead.
  • “The Chemical Senses of Taste and Smell” are a great twofer, plenty to write about, but mentioning restaurants with great food is kind of not the point.
    • The paragraphs about having a stuffy nose and not tasting food are fabulous, keep them.

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