Capsule History of North vs South

Why did the early USA have so many Southern Presidents, if they thought slavery was so bad?  Why did the Northern and Southern economy look so different?  And why were there so many, MANY more Northern railroads during the Civil War?

Lovely analysis right here.

Whose flag are you fighting under?

Northern Stars and Stripes:

Southern Stars and Bars:

Oh, that’s a little to similar to distinguish between friend and foe when the muskets are raising smoke and the cannons are shredding your comrades, in addition to raising even more smoke. So here’s the

Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia:

Later adopted by many other states, leading to the name

Southern Battle flag

Railroads Are the BEST

Upward Mobility is a good sign of economic health, and geographic mobility helps a establish upward mobility.

  • Railroads of the North: massive scrambled spaghetti. Everyone going everywhere.
  • Railroads of the South: A few lines here and there.  Some people go some places.
  • Railroads of the West: Working on it, by gum!

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