Tutor vs Logical Fallacy

Student had to do an essay on logical fallacy, which I have not looked up in a while. This was fun. Highlights:

1- Ad Ignorantum – If you don’t have proof that it’s not true, then it must be true.  For example, since the moon has holes like cheese, it must be made of cheese, and no one could prove otherwise until the moon landing.

2 – Ad Populum – if everyone says it, it must be true. For example, the moon landings were faked, it is a government conspiracy.

3 – Hasty Generalization – People can reach such beautifully absurd conclusions.

  • Premise 1: All Christians believe in God.
  • Premise 2: All Muslims believe in God.
  • Conclusion: All Christians are Muslims.

4 – Any claim based on logical fallacy must be wrong, even if other facts support it.


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