Tutor vs Civil War Toilets

Civil War: Indoor plumbing?

Yes. Sometimes. And sometimes people used chamber pots, or outhouses.

40 years before Lincoln was elected: In 1820, Philadelphia was the first american city to finish building municipal water works and, in 1823, Boston completed the first American sewer system.

civil war plumbing.PNG

Front CoverWhat happened when people just dumped their chamber pots into the nearest water supply? Plague. Cholera. Death.

Outhouses: When there were two available, one was marked with a sun for the menfolk, and one with a crescent moon for the womenfolk.

Civil War Era Schools

Today a ten-year-old child is almost ready for middle school.

Did they segregate children by age and gender, or only by race?  I should read “Little Women” again, it was set during that time period.

Law in Philadelphia school districts: Any district with 20 Negro children will make a separate school for them.

With well-educated Negro teachers!  I did not know that.

Separate but equal was not even a concept yet. Plessy v. Ferguson (keep them separate) took place in 1896, while Brown vs. Topeka Schools (separate is NOT EQUAL) had to wait for 1954.y



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