Tutoring the Boss

… must be done with extreme delicacy.

Boss is looking at an Excel payroll sheet with various information, including:

  1. hours worked (Column G)
  2. employee type (Column B)

So how can you figure out if the employee is non-management and ALSO worked more than X number of hours?

There’s a thing (that’s a technical accounting term, folks) that has to be done if both conditions are met.

=if(and(B4=”W”,G4>40), _do the thing_, _don’t do the thing_)

  • Boss: Why is that parentheses red?
  • Me: Because it is a nested function, and Excel wants to make it easy to keep track of open-close matches.

Boss is pleased.  But wait!  The total at the bottom of the column is wrong!  There is an error in the equation!

Behold the wrath of the boss!

So we looked at the data again.

Oh look.

  1. Column J: DOT, or Date of Termination.
Image result for the terminator
Oops. Wrong Terminator.

So we have to change the and() function to include “not fired”.

  1. Type J4=””.
  2. Drag it down the 3 pages of employees.
  3. Check the totals.

Still not right! Check the data.  Some people were terminated after the date of this report, but their data was added to the report before it got to the accountant.

  • Me: we can edit J4=”” to a specific date.
  • Boss: Or I can just go through the 3 pages manually and make the changes.
  • Me. OK, boss!
  • Me: Does not argue with boss.


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