Spending Time

Midterm vacation.  Helping a neighbor mark papers: he volunteers at a GED evening program.

The question:

Is it worth spending time in the evening, after one’s job, to study for a GED?

One 19 or 20 year old student went to a school called JTA.  His friends are spending the evening playing poker. He is wasting his time with nouns and verbs, and the geometry of a circle.

Wasting time or spending time?

On careful consideration, he decided his buddies are wasting both time and money – playing for only a few bucks, it’s true, but losing out on an opportunity.

know is power.PNG

I have doubts if it’s worth giving away after hours for a 50-50 chance that the GED would be nesacery. But I’ve learnd it’s a lot more then just a deploma. It’s the “education” I need im a JTA survivor! But it’s more then that even iF you are not a JTA… as the teacher always says noledge is power!!!


Teacher is right:

Knowledge is Power!

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