Boss vs Bossy


Working with a student today, on an essay about women in management, and how they are often treated differently than managers who happen to be men.

This college student had never heard the this term:

Glass Ceiling

Glass Ceiling.png

Therefore, we had to do a lot of background research for this paper and I came across some interesting pictures.  Have fun.

Management Feedback Terminology


Boss vs Bossy?

Little girls are called “bossy” far more often than boys.

bossy is bad


Being called bossy is Bad Thing, and girls don’t want to do a Bad Thing. This has an effect that each girl thinks is “just her” – but the statistics show that its a societal thing.

confidence gap

This is not a Good Thing, and some people are taking steps to change the situation on a societal level, not at the individual girl level. Because hey, we have to teach little boys as well as little girls.

bossy 1



leadership skills



Say it with me, ladies:


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