Communication Error?

So there’s some non-working days on my calendar, and I’ve always wanted to learn a new language… that comes with a new alphabet.

The free on-line course is going great, and suddenly I have to type the words out. No problem! I know the words! I even know how to spell most of them! But, no keyboard.

No problem again! I can tap my handy-dandy internet to give me a virtual keyboard!

Actually typing the words… is…. slow.

Go go go! Is the letter ‘o’ to the left or right of the letter ‘g’ when A-M are on one line, and N-Z are on the second line? You don’t know? Me neither! Move the mouse around and around until you find it!

Ouija - Wikipedia
The Ouija board knows all….

I have to remember the word, and remember the order of the split alphabet, and find the letter, and click out three words and WHOOPS I FORGOT THE REST OF THE SENTENCE.

I can’t communicate at normal speed. THIS IS NOT FUN.

I absolutely love learning the new language. I can speak it pretty well, at least as far as the beginner-lesson sentences are concerned.. I can write it pretty well. When I have to communicate via keyboard… not so much.

Memo to self: Next time you speak to someone with communication issues, be a lot more empathetic, and a lot less impatient.

And when speaking to a non-native English speaker, admire their skill level instead of wishing they could just get the words out already.

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