Words are what people use in place of telepathy,
to convey ideas from one person’s brain
to another person’s brain.

Image result for telepathy brain to brain free picture

Keep your writing accurate.

lets eat

How do you say that name, anyhow?  Tzivia. Start by thinking of the name Sylvia.

  1. Drop the ‘S’, say ‘Tz’ the same way as the ‘zz’ in pizza.
  2. Drop the ‘L’ sound from the middle.
  3. There you go!

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Tzivia E Adler teaches English, Writing, & Computer skills in high school. Many subjects other than English require the student to write words! Literature, History, Speech, Psychology, and even the occasional paper on Geology have all been moaned over by my students – and they report back to me that they earned an “A”.

Despite their complaints about how hard the work is, and how mean the teacher is, the students walk away knowing more than when they walked in.


In her free time, Tzivia Adler writes magazine articles on health, science, history, and every-day life. and creates educational videos using a variety of multimedia tools and apps.

Free time and boredom, what is this boredom people talk about? There is so much to do!

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