Publishing History

Tzivia E Adler has published a book and many article on a wide variety of subjects.

book coverThe Sefer Torah Parade is the story of a girl who is certainly not little anymore. She is very excited to attend the completion of a Torah Scroll. Mommy helps her dress in her best clothes, she watches the last letters written on the scroll with a quill pen, and then the music truck pulls up!  Flags, torches with real fire, a policeman – there’s no end to the excitement. At the end of the day, Daddy carries the sleepy girl home.


Historical Articles

  • soldier title“Soldier Without a Rifle”





Feature article about a Jewish soldier earning a sergeants respect by waking up early to daven.

A young German-Jewish immigrant man during World War II volunteered to fight Hitler. He wants to avoid the draft… and to speed up up his citizenship. He went through basic training without mastering a rifle, had a run in with the Sergeant during his early morning praying, and

soldier page.PNG

defended his base-camp with a machete …  and got his citizenship papers while working as an army cook in the Philippine Islands.










Where are those Philippine Islands?

phillipines map.PNG

Isaac Leeser & Philadelphia

  • “Issac Leeser, American Pioneer”

  • “Rebbeca Gratz, Mother of Orphans”

Two feature articles looking at two people who lived during America’s Civil War.


  1. Issac Leeser made a lot of changes so that his Philadelphia congregants could keep their religion.
  2. Rebecca Gratz never married, went from riches to rags, but never lost hope. She helped soldiers during the Civil War,  and raised funds to build an orphanage.


  • The Value of Silence

New immigrant Chana wants to send her children to Bais Yaakov – her husbands family can’t stop telling her how silly and wasteful it is to pay tuition when public school is free.

What makes the patriarch of the family tell everyone to keep quiet about attending Bais Yaakov?

Health & Family

  • “Out of Context”

Avishai and Yonah try the new boy welcome… but three weeks later, Chezky still has no friends. He doesn’t speak English well, and he doesn’t even play baseball! The rebby tells Avishai, one of the best students, to do something about the situation. Avishai thinks he’s done all he could… until he sees things from a new context.





  • “In Charge at the Shabbos Table”

    Explore the behavior of children at the weekly Sabbath dinner table. Everyone wants to sit next to Mommy and Daddy. No one wants to help serve or clear the table. Insisting that the children stop fighting with each other and stop arguing with the parents does not work.  Time for strategy!in charge shabbos.png


  • “Spring Into Action”

Good weather is a reason to take long walks. This article  is a health reminder on how to avoid shin splints, and what to do if the painful symptoms develop.



  • “Family Tree”

The story of a family’s relatioapple treenship with a tree that started as a sapling and grew tall enough to shade a house, and was finally cut down – and even the stump provided many more hours of entertainment.

Science Column

Amazing You

Amaz Muscles

  • If you swallow a watermelon seed, will a whole watermelon grow inside your stomach?
  • If you have two eyes, why don’t you see double?
  • If blood is blue under your skin, how does it turn red when you bleed?
  • A series about the body, for 8-12 year olds.

amazing hair

amazing sleep

girraffeWhen you were a baby, your skull and brain were too heavy to lift. … Eventually, your neck grew stronger and you could lift your head long enough to look around. Then, you learned a new trick! By lifting your head and leaning to one side, you can flip onto your back! A new view of the world! All that exercise paid off.