Clarity above all

Transferring ideas from one person’s mind to another mind is an awesome thing. If I can’t figure out what you mean, though, communication is not happening. So yes, grammar counts. Using specific nouns and verbs instead of generics counts, too. Using pictures …  might count? Eye sink tear four eye ham. I think, therefore I… Read More Clarity above all

Spring Semester

Why, I say WHY, does the Spring Semester start in February? It’s too cold to be Spring. So, Poetry: Bonus if you know who wrote it! The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play. So we sat in the house All that cold cold wet day  

Student So Wise

Student:  Why isn’t the on-line test working, it’s not working right! Me: Did you do the on-line tutorial? Student: Yeah, yeah, and now the test isn’t working!  The stupid machine is so old! Me: *checks computer* seems OK. Student: This isn’t working! *using many many words. * Student: *continues to complain* Me: Student, if you… Read More Student So Wise

The Right Word

“The idea that uncontrolled immigration is bad comes from the ____ right.” The word that belongs in the blank is: poultices particles politics political When a student in a college English class does not realize that spell-check offered the wrong word first and the right word third, sentences can produce strange meanings. Does this come… Read More The Right Word