Student So Wise

Student:  Why isn’t the on-line test working, it’s not working right! Me: Did you do the on-line tutorial? Student: Yeah, yeah, and now the test isn’t working!  The stupid machine is so old! Me: *checks computer* seems OK. Student: This isn’t working! *using many many words. * Student: *continues to complain* Me: Student, if you… Read More Student So Wise

Robot Club is Meeting!

They are meeting in my computer lab. Very noisy with setting up Robot Wheels. Slinging Shakespeare quotes. “Whether it is better to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune…” “Cry havoc and let slip the hounds of war” “To be or not to be…” for three minutes, by heart.   Color me impressed.

Happy Holidays

Working in the Resource Lab on Friday before the big vacation, and there are 7 students at various levels of English working on their homework for the on-line writing assignments. I love signing off for people who keep working until their work is perfect. Kudos, folks!

If at First You Don’t Succeeed…

… Write Write Again. (and again and again and again…) One non-native English speaker knew exactly what to say but did not have the vocabulary for it. Neither did Student’s friends, and was not helping much. neravnodushniy = partial What does partial mean?  Synonyms are incomplete, fractional favoring one side in a dispute above… Read More If at First You Don’t Succeeed…